Ways to save on Painting

There are many factors that are considered when estimating the cost of painting a home or business, but they can be generally broken down into two categories. Supplies and Labor. Labor will always be much more than the supplies, so getting the amount labor down is the only real way of significantly reducing your costs. But reducing labor on your project doesn't mean you are going to sacrifice quality.

  • Dents and Dings. We can repair any defects in your walls and ceilings. Small holes from hanging pictures or from removing small anchors are a very easy fix. Larger cracks or holes may require a little more time to repair.
  • Content Manipulation. When painting, it is imperative to move furniture out of the way and to cover it with drop cloths allowing access to walls and to protect your belongings. We can move your furniture or can consult you in where to move it for the initial painting process.
  • Ceiling Condition. Unless there are obvious stains or damage, many times the ceilings can be bypassed or maybe you just have a couple areas in your home that will need the ceiling painted.
  • Trim and Baseboard. Can your trim and baseboard be cleaned instead of painted? If your trim was properly painted to begin with, sometimes it can be cleaned instead of painted. We can help you determine the best course of action and make it happen.
  • Paint colors. If matching your existing color, do you have the paint manufacturer, color, sheen, and brand of paint that is currently on your walls? Matching paint color and finish is one of the most important items we tackle. Having this information readily available can cut down on prep and planning time.
  • Color changes. Changing colors may increase the amount of time it takes to paint your home or office. When changing colors, no matter whether your existing colors are light or dark, there will always be more work involved than when going with the same color and finish. Ask about our economy “Freshen-up” service.
  • Paint quality. Many other companies try to save money by using substandard primers and paints. We have learned that using the best possible primers and paints will save you on the cost of labor. The top tier paints tend to cover better. The better it covers, the faster we can complete your project and the happier you and your wallet will be.

Call us and ask about our Economy "Freshen-Up" Service.

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